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Is Telephony Still The Poor Relation of Technology?

Many companies are not aware of a significant shift in the telephony space, with a number of carriers effectively pulling away from delivering ISDN services.

Traditional telephony setups for many companies entail a PBX of some sort sitting on site, connected to ISDN30’s which deliver the Ingress and Egress. This type of setup has served many organisations well for many years, however with potential office moves, PBX becoming end of life and recently the market shifting away from ISDN services, companies really need to start focussing on their telephony strategy with greater emphasis.

It’s a simple concept, that if a company cannot make a telephone call, it simply won’t make money. To a certain extent, telephony has always been the poor relation in terms of technology, conceptually because it works.

It’s a conundrum for companies now. Do we sweat the asset ?, Do we move to SIP as a access methodology (the death of ISDN)?, Do we move everything into the Cloud via a Hosted play?, ……. All these questions are pertinent to a very high percentage of companies….

Hosted Telephony doesn’t need to be an expensive overhead to a business looking to transition it’s telephony. There are many flavours of Hosted Telephony available to Companies, but more importantly offering operational, ongoing monthly expenditure, rather than having to budget for a large, one off, capital expenditure.

At Crestwave Solutions, we have worked with many companies, understanding their current setup, and then sourcing and delivering the right solution, offering a complete managed service from start to completion. We can offer almost any type of Hosted Solution, ranging from the top end, full functionality, through to basic setups, meeting the clients needs, whatever they may be.

Should you wish to discuss your requirements or have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We like talking to clients !!!


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