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Compliance Solutions


Regulatory Approved Solutions

The increasingly complex regulatory landscape is making accountable personal liability to senior managers of regulated firms, potentially subject to fines and possible imprisonment for company breaches of compliance. Compliance managers are becoming invaluable to businesses to guide them through the forever changing mandates the multiple regulatory bodies are demanding.

Risks from misconduct may be heightened or increased by homeworking, as many companies will adapt to as a longer-term strategy. 

Increased use of unmonitored and/or encrypted communication applications for sharing potentially sensitive information connected with work is making the whole compliance piece complex and challenging for business.


Companies are legally obliged to retain relevant trade or financially related conversations in a secure, accessible, and unalterable data repository, with most organisations currently having to manage multiple repositories 


Our suite compliance solutions facilitates businesses to address many of the regulatory challenges, but reduces many of the technical challenges alongside, allowing the compliance manager to case reconstruct within the challenging timelines, should they come under scrutiny of the financial regulatory bodies.

Regulatory Audit & Consultative Solutions

Advisory Compliance Solutions

Many businesses find the whole regulatory landscape challenging from technology to regulatory compliance. Our consultative set of solutions range from audit, consultation, advisory, to full programme management even providing Compliance Officers and/or Money Laundering Reporting Officers for your business. 

Multimedia Capture, Storage & Analysis

End to end 


Surveillance capture and storage of any type of multimedia communication globally, in real-time and at source, ready for review and analysis in a single-pane view, facilitating compliance with regulatory requirements, eliminating multiple silos for capture (e-mail, messaging, voice calls, mobile calls etc). Voice to Text transcriptions and word searching in multiple languages incorporating Record Trader Voice sources in real-time, including Cloud 9, Speaker-Bus, BT and IPC.

Compliant Mobile Application Suite Recording




Archive WhatsApp, WeChat, Telegram and Signal messages from: iOS and Android phones. Works with same user interface and encryption. Captures all messages including all multimedia communication and uploads them to the company archive.

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