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End Of Life Turret Platforms

Cliff Irons / 15 Mar, 2016

A recent project has made us question whether companies really need to change out their End Of Life (EOL) dealerboard when told to by their manufacturer.


When a supplier declares its trading turret has passed its prime, that leaves unhappy owners with a large headache. This has happened with one major manufacturer recently, who was quick to promote its latest dealer voice technology as a replacement. Given the likelihood of other suppliers following this trend, what are the alternatives?


There are three main options in such circumstances:


  • upgrade with the current manufacturer or a new supplier, either choice will mean investing in expensive new infrastructure imminently
  • pick up a costly maintenance agreement with the existing manufacturer
  • make use of a specialist, dealer voice support company, letting the client – not the manufacturer – maintain their current operations until deciding to upgrade or change their system.


Our advice is to pursue the third option, first. There’s a good reason not to feel rushed into a new system: dealer voice support companies provide cost-effective maintenance packages at prices that are 30% to 40% less than trading turret manufacturers. That not only saves money right now, but also in the long run by buying the time to plan ahead.


With affordable support in place, a business can put together a clear turret and voice recorder strategy for the future, carefully considering what’s out there and on the horizon. New dealerboard manufactures are entering the market continually, delivering innovative technology to meet changing environments with cost-effective solutions. Decisions on which platform is right next, and when to introduce it, are firmly back with the client, where they should be.


At Crestwave Solutions, we challenge the status quo where communications and technology providers aren’t working hard enough for business. For independent, expert advice, just get in touch and we’ll come to you to discuss all your options. There are often a few more than first envisaged.