Enhance Resilience & reduce costs of Broadband

Establishing a robust Wide Area Network and innovative Broadband Network for a world-leading commercial real estate services and investment company.


International Commercial Property


Consultancy and Network Services


A world-leading commercial real estate services and investment firm with vast, diverse operation was facing many challenges from a communications and technology viewpoint. Key factors were resilience and service uptime, ensuring both internal and external customers received the highest service level.

Scope of work

The commercial property firm wanted to be sure it had a fully robust Wide Area Network, servicing key international offices. Having decided to look outside of incumbent suppliers, the business approached Crestwave Solutions to see if there was an alternative that would deliver in all areas, while providing value for money.

Crestwave's solution

We reviewed the market to provide a solution that complimented existing suppliers and offered both a more diverse and resilient environment. Working with a number of suppliers, we were able to recommend a variety of carrier alternatives; all managed in one place and through a single point of contact for our client. The solution has now been implemented and the firm is saving money with a solution that enhances its existing network.

We did not have the time or resource to source the market for alternatives, so we reached out to Crestwave as we knew they had access to suppliers that we did not.

Further collaboration

Impressed with our greater access approach, the client subsequently asked us to propose an alternative Broadband network solution to a number of managed properties throughout the UK, acquired through acquisition. These properties were served by expensive, unreliable ADSL services. Reviewing the requirements, we were able to propose an alternative solution. This was based on maximising the best speeds available to each site with a unique router configuration, which included the benefit of simplified access into the client’s LAN. Working closely with the client's own team, the enhanced ADSL network is now up-and-running, pushing the edges of that technology at a subsequently reduced cost.

Crestwave is our go-to partner for those services where we do not have the time or resource to manage them in-house. They know the market, are proactive and reactive, and deliver solutions on time, at a reduced cost.

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