Creating a Smart IT Solution for Banks

Helping an investment bank to cut its IT disposal costs entirely, while ensuring the solution was compliant with the company’s business strategy.


International Bank




Network services and IT disposal


An International Bank was paying its existing supplier to remove and dispose of IT equipment no longer required. The bank wished to reduce this cost, while making sure it met compliancy standards for redundant kit.

Scope of work

We were engaged to investigate the alternative opportunities for our client. This included considering a viable partner to work with the company to create a bespoke IT disposal solution, complementing the bank’s business strategy.

Crestwave's solution

We used our industry knowledge and expertise to present two options, ensuring our client no longer needed to pay fees for the collection and disposal of kit. In particular, our client was impressed with the way we worked with the internal team to understand the business and challenge some existing plans and strategy to deliver the cost-saving result.

Not only were costs cut, but the strategy and process underpinning how the bank disposed of its redundant IT equipment were significantly improved.

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